Achievements are rewarded to the player after completing challenges or reaching certain milestones in Portal Stories: Mel. In the game, there are a total of 28 achievements.

*These achievements are all going to be unlocked by the end of the game, and do not require you to go off the rails.

Name Description Image How To Unlock
Welcome to Aperture Enter the main lobby of Aperture Science Innovators
Long-Term Relaxation Oversleep
469305294 preview 31abf3cd2c267e6db410562100c2c6e197f0dc5d.jpg
Enter the Aperture Cryopod*
Voices from Above Who is that?
469305294 preview 280f76adefd2065f51d7c81192ec409ad43548e0.jpg
Hear AEGIS' voice*
Firefighting 101 Discover a new way to turn down the heat
469305294 preview c97becebea0fd25e1610b41660fc65bfe7fcf994.jpg
Pour water on a fire*
Back on Track Enter Virgil's testing track

469305294 preview edc1144ad70a5222836403e6e0ad8ed21c848510.jpg

Persistent Check that all doors have been locked for the night
469305294 preview 6a1ee9ad6455720a63b8fba26232d147f5d7c637.jpg
Check every locked door from

the train station to the elevator

at the beginning of the game.

Testing the Waters Super Drowning Skills
469305294 preview 67dfbeb63ae328c55f69e19012455fa025884e6d.jpg
At the beginning of the game,

jump into the first body

of water you see. NOTE:

The water is found after

the elevator ride.

Forever Alone Try to bring the cube with you
469305294 preview 9f950cacac4d81eca890b6a9ae8c0d58f28f8ce7.jpg
Somewhere in Chapter 4 is a

hidden Companion Cube, it's after

one of the tests. Find it for the

achievement. It's at sp_a4_tb_over_goo

in between the two test chambers.

Deja-Vu Solve the same test three times!
469305294 preview 4bf4c401c50f821c210e516ae558c54fa5174241.jpg
Organic Complications Hide from AEGIS
469305294 preview ce02b598384e2df7df372faeb1957ee0ab05a038.jpg
Use some plants to hide from AEGIS*
Back off track Get off the track again
469305294 preview 9d478ccd46574da86bf3735839405c2c3eaf81bf.jpg
Welcome to my Domain Reach AEGIS's Domain
469305294 preview 755ca2ab49b1c786a67bfd02bec60e3f33eab435.jpg
System Shutdown Shut down AEGIS
469305294 preview 928fb266c2ea6c6a7bed1bc15995d20eb31b0651.jpg
Self-explanatory* (cannot be unlocked in story mode)
Under the Stairs N/A
469305294 preview 7df2321d12fb7b312c7197c79c2f69b28cb6f2d2.jpg
In a3_concepts, when the stairs

open up in the first test chamber

for you to reach the funnel, portal

in a small opening.

You Shouldn't be Here Experience a Deeply Unimpactful Moment
469305294 preview ecb5bed9cab316a0ab19b13fc4f0dcca6ce06abf.jpg
On the old Aperture map where

Cave says the "Zoo offered us a deal

we can't turn down" (sp_a2_past_power), you shoot a

portal and climb up some stairs, it's by the exit.

Single rainbow Not even all the way!
469305294 preview caf8d1e0b70a04ce1841029db835c9005df4fa2d.jpg
Find Rainbow Core in a4_two_of_a_kind.

At the first test in the map, use the funnel to get to the second cube dropper, and look to the left for an opening in the wall.

Burned in Goo Get Burned while in goo
469305294 preview d5ef27543b52f57b821940dc7787f4665e619fc6.jpg
Stand in a puddle of goo and touch

a laser beam. You can get this in a4_factory.

Crushed N/A
469305294 preview cc98c661756584e3b46cadcc2253b72696695866.jpg
Get crushed and die. You can

get this in the area where they

test if cubes can press buttons. You can get this in a4_factory.

Shot Get shot on the turret range.
469305294 preview 332be31e1f20e4e58db3d9d42fd5bac6180e7dbc.jpg
Electrocution Get electrocuted
469305294 preview 88b03222612d648c1bbb44cc2e7cbd5c126870ed.jpg
Jump into electric water and die.

You can get this at the beginning of chapter 3.

In the Vents Get into the vents
469305294 preview 0ce579d0ee5b0845c522f5d498f3691258a1d1f5.jpg
Secret location in a4_factory. Large office

area after cubes are shot by turrets. There's a

room with a damaged floor and white surface.

And there's another room with a crushed ceiling.

Portal onto the white surface and into the crushed ceiling, open the door, sneak to the vent on left and you're done. You can get this in a4_factory.

Beyond your Range of Hearing Refuse to Listen
469305294 preview db9fe80387cd048731d7392dec0df1d83e0ca31a.jpg
Keep clicking on Virgil when

you first find him at the beginning

of Chapter 3, then you will get this

achievement. It's in sp_a3_junkyard.

Into Darkness Mind your Step
469305294 preview 87b5b6cd1f927e7bde3611df991d83be23f84a6b (1).jpg
When Virgil lights up the dark room in

AEGIS' hub, he mentions to watch out for a hole. Jump in to this hole for an achievement. You can get this in a4_factory.

Ignorant Ignore good advice
469305294 preview d8d995ac0f95aa517c5917e470822f6c428d52e6.jpg
At the part where the AEGIS

sends a death elevator,

walk right into it.

Curious Find all the Vitrified door messages
469305294 preview 994e8946138625511f7f140b64d3c68c2e8bb9f6.jpg
Determined Solve the broken test
469305294 preview 704b3552c4ac124e3c25b6adf6c294aeda2a9e6e.jpg
Solve the broken test chamber in a4_factory, the one where Virgil tells you to try and escape. You need to have the cube on the button and pointed at the lazer relay thing, it's pretty simple.
469305294 preview a9c5b87d8ef77fe8e6d1b146e19336c74490219f.jpg
After the starting elevator in sp_a4_core_access, you'll go to the left and meet two turrets. There is a blocked room with "Lab 2056" upon it. Sneak there with your portal gun.
Story Shutdown Shutdown AEGIS in Story Mode
Portal stories story shutdown.jpg
Self-explanatory* (cannot be unlocked in advanced mode)

NOTE: *Can be required in the regular story-line, thus you SHALL always have these achievements by the end of the game.

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